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Bug Hotel and Herb Garden beside Platform 2

To date, most of the gardening at Grindleford Station has been on a flower bed running along Platform 1.  However, over the past few months we have been planning a transformation to the area beside platform 2.  We now have a lovely bug hotel and herb garden, to give our pollinators and other insect somewhere to live and feed.

We are very grateful to our community partners in this activity:

  • Children from Grindleford Primary School, who designed the bug hotel
  • Peak Park Conservation Volunteer rangers at Brunts Barn (a Peak District National Park Authority group), who supported FoGS in the planning stages, offered up their facilities to be used for the design stage and helped with the build, then transported the bug hotel to site
  • Home Farm Trust, who helped us to clear the area of weeds (and who helped us in the early stages of developing the Platform 1 garden, too)






Grindleford Primary School lend a hand at the station

On 2 July, Grindleford school children came to plant the cosmos, geranium, stonecrop, marigolds and sweet peas at the station. They needed lots of watering to help them adapt!  Many children are seasoned rail users, but they now have a rail itinerary direct from Grindleford to Moscow should England get to the finals of the World Cup this month.  (Tip: it’s via Strasburg.)  They showed impressive knowledge of plants and of stations along the Hope Valley line. Great to have so many youthful ‘friends’.

Photo (C) Grindleford Primary School

Spring / Summer 2017 - Work in Progress

The station is starting to look loved once more.

Particular thanks goes to: